Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek is an old, medium sized but mostly quiet little town north of Aelodan. It gets by mostly by sitting on the creek (really more of a river) that has a fair amount of trade traffic from larger cities. No doubt the “Crooked Creek” moniker was coined when the river still really was just a creek.

Crooked Creek
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Locations (map numbers forthcoming)
Wandering Jack
Painted Lady
Morning Rainbow

Iron Tankard
Broken Bow
One-Eyed Troll
Belching Bull
Gunnar’s Ale Barrel
River Rat

Erastil (farming, hunting, trade, family)
Hanspur (rivers, river travel)
Sarenrae (the sun, redemption, honesty, healing)

Other Services
Felios’ Arms and Equipment
The Hefty Sack general goods
Tazion’s Tack and Bridle

Crooked Creek

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