Demihumans in Austair

Austair is a kingdom of men. Other races, however are represented. Elves are the second largest group in Austair and are well thought of by the populace. The elves themselves are aloof and rarely take interest in non-elvish affairs. Most major cities have a district or two with a high population of elves, but they mostly live in small, isolated communities built around ancient castles or giant trees.

The occasional halfling settlement can be found in the countryside. They mostly avoid cities and Austairians see them generally as lazy or rogueish.

Some parts of the Giant’s Teeth swarm with dwarves, and more than a few mines can be found in the hills of Austair manned by the hardy race. They are respected for their crafts, but their somewhat gruff manner of dealing with humans makes sure they’re never fully accepted into communities.

There are no known gnomish towns, but they can often be found underfoot and are generally regarded as pests.

A full blooded orc would likely be lynched in Austair, especially to the east. Half-orcs are tolerated and sometimes pitied as long as they keep themselves in line and their brutish ancestry isn’t too dominant in their looks.

Demihumans in Austair

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