The Stranger


11 HP
18 STR


“I’m not here because I liked the guy. I’m here cause I was hired to do a job. And now my paycheck is dead in the ground. I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t pissed by the deal, or that I’ve been cheated. I could care less about these people I’m with, but it’s my only chance to get my money and maybe a little payback for this mess. If I have learned anything in this business, it’s no trust no one. Any of these people could just as soon cut my throat in the night, but they’d be wise not to try it. At least this beats the front lines of the Orc wars, if only for the fact that I get to sleep once in a while.”

“Some people ask me about my times along the border, not that I like to talk about the thing I have seen. The Greengoes are a ruthless bunch. You got to understand that they are flat out monsters.. they savor the taste of human children like you or me would like lamb. I saw a village that had been sacked, the adults were impaled but not for a quick death, but in order to watch the feast. The pieces of the children were everywhere. Every burnt village was the same, many in the army wanted to leave and go home. Some fought harder but in the end, it’s still no closer to over than it was 200 years ago.”


Great Circle of the World Homp