Female Half Orc Barbarian


Str 19
Dex 13
Con 16
Int 11
Wis 14
Cha 7

AC 16
HP 15
Fortitude +5
Reflex +1
Will +2

Weapon: Great Sword named “Furious Babe”
Scale Mail
Dark Vision
Power Attack

6’2 foot tall, long black hair, smokey coal colored eyes, light green skin.
Age 31


I come from a small village made up mostly of half-orcs. My father Gor’a Gol was full blooded and the leader of our village. I was first born. My mother was human, a slave. By-product of the war I suppose. She died giving birth to me. Gor’a Gol was never much of a sentimentalist but he did give me my birth mother’s belongings once I reached of age. Most were of no use to me save a small necklace. It is rather crude, just a lump of tattered wood carved into a heart on a bit of twine. I sewed it onto the edge of my boot . Who knows, it might bring me luck in battle.

My father raised me alone for many years till a viper of a half-orc turned his ear. They were mated and quickly had three boys. My step mother, Vac’na, hated me. So much so that I was made to sleep in the warrior hut from the age of twelve. I was promised my father’s rank and blade on his death bed. He made Vac’na promise. She did, but as soon as he was cold she turned on me. My brothers, although not as strong, ganged up on me. I did manage to secure my father’s blade (fearless babe) before making a run for it to the forest. They dared not follow. I stayed just far enough out to see his funeral pyre. I had just turned 19. After that I wandered around for a time finding work as hired muscle. No one really cares to mess around with a half-orc wielding a blade. If anyone says anything, I usually just grunt and let them think what they will. I don’t care much for men. I stay out of their way and they (for the most part) stay out of mine.

Only one man knows my secrets. Only one man knows…knew.


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