A curse and a cursed man from the cruel tricks of Lamashtu.


Stats (in Avatar Form)
Str: 12
Dex: 12
Con: 14
Int: 11
Wis: 17
Chr: 09

Alignment: CCN (Chaotic Chaotic Neutral)
God: Lamashtu Himself


A priest that brings all the curses of Lamashtu. A human born as a curse to Gnolls (Pathfinder Chronicles Gods and Magic). He is cursed to believing he is a god himself. To make matters worse another pc believes he is and more are slowly believing due to the display of clerical power. A god of chaos and madness all of his cleric spells are person affecting and concentrated on having others do his bidding randomly. He does not do things with evil intent just random effects. He befriended a Paladin who seeks to cure him of his madness and often speaks as if meeting other gods of clerics and the like.

He was set to be sacrificed to Lamashtu by the Gnolls that brought him into the world. His gnoll mother could not bare to see the sacrifice and ran off as the rest of the tribe carved Lamashtu’s symbol into his back and chest while clawing the baby. He surely would have died if it were not for a group of gnoll hunters who happened to choose that moment to strike. They took him home only to find the wound incurable and the child grew steadily more mentally unstable as he aged. Hender fully sees himself as a god of chaos, madness, survival, and fate. He believes he handed the spheres of survival and fate to a young upstart goddess as Lamashtu overtook his kingdom to prevent them from becoming hers as well. He believes he talks to the goddess of fate constantly but unknowingly gets his power from Lamashtu.


Great Circle of the World Hender