Great Circle of the World

The Growing Power of Hendar

As me and my mortal companions traveled back to the village from the ruins, nothing truly eventful occurred. The servant of the Sun Goddess, Sarenrae, remains unconvinced, even by another god, that the goddess is willing to help protect those that truly follow her. Sometimes I remain unclear as to why these other Deities share their power with such ill believing mortals. Even as I come to my followers in a form they can comprehend they do not listen to all my teachings; and here I try to show this mortal priest that his patron wants a cleansing of the un-dead and he refuses to believe me. I do believe that the Druid is looking for my favor and I will keep a special place reserved for Harper of Discord. He served me well in this adventure, but is needed elsewhere. I should call upon the services of another in this area. The king’s royal magi wanted to inspect the god-soul that was in my possession. I tried telling them that it is the soul of the goblin-god, but they would not adhere to my words of knowledge in this area. If only these mortals truly understood the coming god-war that they are privy too. They even ignored my claims of this as a man who had fallen victim to the curses of an ancient and forgotten god laid dying and transforming before their eyes. I am merely a god of prophecy. The only reason the kinder gods wield there power is because these mortals look only to the dark gods with fear and fear makes them have hope that there must be something better. As we ventured forth into the openings from which the undead crawled from in the graveyard. We were given only a small portion of time before the town guard sealed it off from the world, as well as they should. Maybe I should show the priest what will happen to his beloved town if he does not at least try to act on the words I have spoken to him. We ventured forth into the underbelly of the graveyard, where my sense of looming evil overtook my greater senses and the foulness of it overtook my mortal shell and I vomited from being so close to it. As two shadowy creatures attacked us and enveloped the druid, I blessed the priest, since he had fallen from the tenants of the sun goddess and would not call upon her strength. He was filled with madness and proceeded to slay the foul denizens one he assisted me in smiting as we both hit it with mighty swings; the other had received grievous wounds from the enveloped druids pet wolf. The priest saw this and in a flash of lunacy grabbed the dangling visceral material and yanked the inards from the foul beast. I feel that maybe the sun goddess is losing one of her flock or that my time spent with the priest is slowly driving him to new areas of his sensibilities. He is one of the most prostrate mortals I have met, but it could be as noted that, the closeness to me and him trying to follow a deity that he has never met is taking its toll on their bonds. Maybe the other deities will follow suit and start showing their physical prowess in the world of the mortals before they too are forgotten.



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