Great Circle of the World

Pet Owlbear

In the forthcoming adventure, Hender was sent with his generals to investigate some local ruins. In the search of the ruins, the Harper of Discord proved himself most worthy of being a general. He used his talents to bring greater power to the rest of the party. Hender is no longer in contact with the “godsoul” for the time being as the empirical guard wish to examine it. Hender has let it remain under their care for the time being. Now that the generals have proven themselves it may be time to find soldiers to fall under them. The Harper has out performed the Druid on several occasions and they seem to be forming a close bond. The Druid seems to be welcoming the influence of Hender. Septen (the druid), under the power of Hender, was able to bring a cub owlbear under his control as a demonstration of Hender’s power. Hender’s old traveling companions (a paladin and another druid) rejoined the party to help send a pair of Hags back to their plane. The item of most concern is the “prophet” that attacked Hender’s avatar as he was leaving town to venture to the ruins. He came into town screaming of chaos coming to destroy everyone. Hender wonders if he could be an agent of Lamashtu, driven mad to destroy the avatar of Hender for the time being or if he really was an agent of Pharsma and did not know of their closeness. If he was an agent of Pharsma then it may have just been a warning of an impending attack of Lamashtu. Maybe the new thief is an agent of Lamashtu. He was sent with us under orders of the empirical guard. Hender is curious as to what role he plays and which general he falls under. His kill count in combat suites him for the singers of woe. The sorceress, Talia, listens to the combat suggestions of Hender and her power too has risen. The priest, Julius, seems to wanting in his power. Usually priest fall under the Harper, but this one may be assigned to the Guardians in time. First thing first, get back to town and see why the “prophet” attacked the Avatar of Hender.



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