The Great Circle of the World

The Old People once told the story of Elreth the Wanderer. When Elreth was a young man, the wanderlust took hold and he told the people of his village, “I am going to journey north to the end of the world and back.”
Elreth returned some years later and said, “I have seen the edge of the world! I travelled through forests, then snow, then ice and finally I saw the gray water of the great lake the world floats in. I met men and creatures of strange colours and countenances. But I cannot stop now, for I must keep going to see the other side.” And so Elreth left his village once more.

When the villagers saw Elreth again, his skin was ruddy and his hair was bleached. “I travelled south through barbarian villages and towering castles filled with fair folk who could move stones with a word and a flick of their wrist. I found my way through steamy forests of strange trees, fought hellish beasts and overcame terrible sicknesses. Finally I saw the glittering blue water and white sand of the edge. The world is full of danger and wonder and I must see it all. I will now head east and bring back word from whatever lies at that edge of the world.”

Elreth was gone for many years. Everyone in the village who remembered thought him dead. But one day, long after Elreth set off, a bent, grey old man walked into the village. “I am Elreth,” he said, “and I have traveled east since I left this village so very long ago. I have seen innumerable wonders. But somehow, I have ended up back where I started. I have learned that the world is a great circle.”

- Forelius Shayus Forelius, The Verbal History of The Old Ages

About this game

10-22: Added entries for The Whiteflow and Demihumans in Austair.
10-18: Elaborated on Crooked Creek and added a map.
10-12: Updated a ton of area info on the wiki. Most everything has at least a broad stroke. Also uploaded a very rough map of the area, a better one will be forthcoming, but I at least wanted people to have an idea of what things looked like.

Great Circle of the World

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